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Doctor Who: TARDIS.

ohgollygeedamn in icontwitter

I just noticed that an icon I made, was rather happy with and just posted was cropped wrongly somehow and is actually 100x94. Bother.


OMG, this JUST happened to me like 2 hours ago. Sometimes when I do my neg space icons I crop them in a 100x90 square and then finish the background stuff in a 100x100. Instead this time I did the whole icon in 100x90, saved it and then realized it after I'd saved it. BOTHER INDEED. Thankfully it was a rather simple neg space background and easily fixed in a 100x100. But still. UGH.
That has happened to me before (though I have noticed before posting in that instance)! Now I always fill in the negative space before doing any colouring etc for that exact reason. I wasn't so lucky with this icon, my finger must have just slipped as I used the free transform tool. So frustrating. I managed to smudge my way through but I much prefer the crop on the hairline of the too small version ack:

Photobucket ---> Photobucket

Oh well, I will be extra vigilant from now on no doubt!

Edited at 2012-09-29 03:14 pm (UTC)
What I do when the crop I want is perfect but the size of the icon is not, is duplicate a little sliver of the icon, flip or rotate it and then paste it to fill up the space, like this:

I hate having to smudge things, because I somehow feel it moves the focus of the icon, whereas the duplicated parts of the icon serve as a frame of some kind.

Awesome icon, by the way. Really beautiful.

I really like what you did! I tried putting two strips of plain yellow but it looked awful and block-y. The way you have done it, everything flows well and the edges frame it nicely. Wow, I will definitely remember that tip, thank you.

I didn't have to completely make up his hairline: I recovered the original cap, resized it underneath the icon and tried my best to line it up/match the colouring and then smudge the edges where required. Generally my smudging is a disaster!

Thank you. :)

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