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matt bomer - holy fuck

library_of_sex in icontwitter

I miss this place. I guess lots of makers have moved on to the real Twitter, huh? :P


YES. join the dark side for good, kim!
It's too overwhelming for me with a million tweets flying at me all at once. Also, I should totally go to sleep. And also also, I shoulda known you'd reply to this first! :D
I know what you mean, believe it or not. I'm finding myself a little overwhelmed dealing with so many now after only dealing with like 30 at a time for a few weeks. It really isn't for everyone and that's fine.

I track here and i_talk. Always down to talk icons, aint no shameeee.
There's this one person I talk to on Twitter, and she is uncommonly funny. And cute. Or should I say...qt?

I still track a million and one places even if I don't really comment much anymore.
Lucky gal.

I always got sad when I got the notifs to such things on my phone but knew I couldn't hop in and join :( BUT ALL THAT HAS CHANGEDDD! Now I just need to wait to become grabby hands for such posts!
I hope an avalanche of exciting shit happens soon, so your inbox blows up with iconny goodness. I hope that for everybody, really.
I forgot about this place actually.

And the only notable things in my icons is a new love for purpe/blue colouring... and gradients. GRADIENTS EVERYWHERE~
I'm using gradients more lately, too! And purple and pink seem to be the only colors I can achiever properly. Blue is just so difficult!
Gradients are addictive. Very addictive...

One of the movies I love has lots of blue in it, so it's sort of a natural thing. XD Especially when I play with the caps of that movie~
I often think about posting here, but never do, because I figure no one comes here any more. So yeah, I miss this place, too. :(

Edited at 2013-04-24 07:04 pm (UTC)
Can't believe the last "tweet" was back in September!

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